Who am I?

Who am I

Who am I?
Sometimes I feel shy,
Sometimes I cry.
I still wonder what I want,
I still wonder if life has a point.

I still think what’s my goal,
I still think of the world as a whole.
I don’t know where I want to go,
I don’t know who’s a friend and who’s a foe.

Many a times I feel alone,
I wake up at the dusk and sleep at dawn,
I ask what I am doing is right,
Sometimes I just want to fight.
I still don’t know who am I?

My thoughts doesn’t match with the people,
I don’t know if I’m harsh or noble.
I am different in my family,
Between sunflowers like a little Lily.

The world seems to be working,
But I don’t know if anywhere I am going.
Sometimes I want to change the world,
Sometimes I just want to be heard.

Till I die,
With the help of stars and a Pi,
I will definitely know,
Who am I?

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