What is Love?

What is Love

Have you ever thought what actually love is?
Humans of this world have altered the very definition of love.
Love has become bounded by limits and very much maligned,
And, everybody just forgot that, love cannot be defined.

Love is not a solution to your loneliness, it is your own psychological defect.
Love is not getting married, as marriage is just for social respect.
Love is not just being together, as togetherness is love’s after effect.
Love is not your weakness, as weakness makes the love unable to manifest.

Love is not blind,
Love cannot be confined.
Love doesn’t even require two beings to begin,
Love is a feeling that prospers and happens from within.

You won’t know when and where you’ll start loving,
Suddenly you will be smiling and blushing.
You will enjoy every moment of this feeling,
At the same time, you’ll be living and you’ll be dreaming.

When the other one feels the same for you, it becomes a natural bond.
It will be more subtle than a bubble,
And it will be more stronger than a diamond.
The connection between both of you will grow into a fantastic couple.

Slowly and steadily little things about you will change,
When you realize this, you will feel strange.
This is the process of loving in the purest form,
To accommodate your beloved, you’ll replace a part of you,
Bit by bit, you both will transform.

This my friend, is love!

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