The Look of the Nature!

The Look of the Nature

When you wake up to the feeling of sleepiness,
Freshness and the morning you harness.
You! the nature’s most sophisticated creature,
Did you have a serene look of the nature?

When you cross the bridge,
Do you see the big wide river?
And, once upon a time in cold,
Did you shiver?

When did you last touched the earth with your feet?
When did you last sat on the sand – the nature’s seat?
When did you last felt the sky?
When did you last saw the birds fly?

Do you notice the bubbles while you take a bath?
Have you ever wondered about the tiny saplings on the footpath?
Do you ever look into the intent eyes of a dog?
Have you ever tried to catch the fog?

Do you see the brown in the trees?
Do you see the gold in the bees?
Have you ever experienced the nature’s stature?
Have you ever had a serene look of the nature?

Nature’s so beautiful that you will fall in love with it,
It’s full of wonders and it’s full of spirit.
Embrace the nature so much that it becomes a part of you,
And then, you will be the nature’s favourite few.

4 thoughts on “The Look of the Nature!”

    1. Hi, Parth!

      Well, there is a story behind that.

      Dog is one of my favourite animals and bathing is one of the activities I experimented in my life by not taking it for a long time.
      So it is included.

      Anyway, thank you very much for your input! Always, appreciated. 🙂

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