That Sunday!

That Sunday

It was a serene Sunday,
It was supposed to be a chill and fun day.
But as the day passed, I realized it was loneliness wrapped up in serenity,
And that day, minute by minute, one moment through another, whole of Sunday weighed in upon me.

I was lost in a sea of thoughts,
I was drowning deep in the past,
Every feeling that I wanted to go away, did a broadcast.
It was an emotional blast.

I wanted to cry, but the tears didn’t come,
I wanted to sleep, but the dreams were cumbersome.
I wanted those thoughts to go away,
But I was the target that the thoughts were trying to slay.

That Sunday felt like a hammer on the head,
It was making me mad.
It has happened, it is over, I am free.
Still, that Sunday weighed in upon me.

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