Happy is what I am trying to be,
I am trying to be more free,
But the process is high and many times low,
Which consists of many visits to sorrow.

Nobody wants to walk that path,
As it takes life and gives you a death.
Some mistake it,
Some are deceived into it.
They deceived me with an arrow,
And little did I knew,
I mistook the path to sorrow.

It looked beautiful in the beginning,
Soon I came to know it was just a swing.
A swing of love by the people I know,
Feelings, emotions and care; all hollow.
I was marred and shattered with a big lie,
All in me started to die.

Happiness and joy started to blow,
Again, I was with sorrow.

They played with my innocence,
The game of relations was immense;
Even then I couldn’t sense.
Insensible I was and was much more silly,
Because the gamers were family.

The reality was in front of my eyes,
I became mature and wise.
My trust was torn;
I was all alone.
To be able and to grow,
I left the family and sorrow.

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