People will be people!


When I was little,
I was fond of studies and bicycle.
In the gardens with the beetle,
I met someone called the people.

When I was small,
I didn’t pay attention to them at all.
They came, they said and they went.
I was busy in myself to invent.

They suggested,
They detested.
But I didn’t pay attention,
As I was into my own nation.

One day I went on to notice,
For what people have to say.
I thought of finding peace,
But I found the opposite of bliss.

People wanted me to be like people,
They wanted an orange to be an apple.
They hated who are different,
By seeing all the hate, my soul burnt.

I was let down by them,
I wish those days never come.

They thought I was mad,
They didn’t even try to see what I had.
They made my living soul dead.

But I swam the sea of darkness,
And eventually I got the success.
With all the burns and the clashes,
Like a Phoenix, I was born again from the ashes.

And this time I cared just a little,
Because people will be people.

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