Nature Doesn’t Care!

Nature Doesn't Care

Nature doesn’t care,
Whether you are dusk or fair,
Whether you are ordinary or rare,
Whether you limit or you share,
The nature doesn’t really care.

Be it water or air,
Be it circle or square,
Be it bull or a bear,
Nature doesn’t care.

Nature is natural,
It is fatal and subtle,
It gives you and it takes away,
It feels you and it kills you.

Nature doesn’t admire,
Nature doesn’t establish,
Nature doesn’t discriminate,
Nature doesn’t advise,
Nature doesn’t assume.

Neither it begins nor it ends.

Water flows for everyone,
Air breezes for everyone,
Fire burns for everyone,
Earth breathes for everyone,
Space creates for everyone.

Because, nature really doesn’t care.

Inspired by Devdutt Pattanaik

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