Listen to me carefully, folks!
The world has become a box.
Our day starts with a box,
And it ends with a box.

We work round the clocks,
In front of a box,
In our shoes and socks.
Without a box, our mind shocks!

We live in a box,
We bathe in a box,
We eat in a box,
And, we sleep in a box.

Just try to look around,
Most things are boxes to which you surround.
With the boxes which you found,
I know you’ll be in astound.

The earth is round,
The fruits are round,
The Sun is round,
And, the moon is round.
Still, we survive in a box with locks.

Are we really meant to live in a box?
Or, we should just explore the rocks.
To find out the answer,
Don’t go with the flocks,
Just think out of the box.

Inspired by Ricardo Semler

2 thoughts on “Box”

  1. rishit shah you write so well i really start liking your poem,
    good job you are doing just keep it up,
    my name is sandeep singh and i am also from gujarat
    can you just tell me how you write these poem? from where you got the idea to write such a beautiful poem

    1. Hi, Sandeep!

      Thank you so much for your good words.
      I like to write poems about life and therefore try to find new ways to describe lives.

      The key to writing good poems is observation. Observe and question everything.

      This way you will come up with new ideas.

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