About the Poet

Hi, I am Rishit Shah.
I like to write.
I like to write about the experiences I have had in my life.
The form of writing I have chosen here is Poetry to express what I feel about what happens to me.

I love languages.
It is strange how a language can generate an emotion.
A language that connects people. It is a very emotional connection.

And, I am here to make a deep emotional connection with you.

Here is what I look like.

Rishit Shah
I am not as sincere as in the photo. 😉

Now that you can visualize me, it is easier to make a connection with you.
And slowly a deeper connection will develop too.

Who am I exactly?

As you have already read, my name is Rishit Shah.
I live in a beautiful Indian city of Surat in the state of Gujarat.

I study Chartered Accountancy.
I make YouTube videos.
I trade in Stock Markets.
I create Websites.
And, I write Poems.

Yes, I do all of that. I take a little bit of advise from my brother too.

In short, this is me.

If you want to talk to me, just contact me.

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